It’s nearly 60ºF on the 10th of December in Chicago, Illinois. I’m out on the balcony in a light jacket. Truman is investigating the Christmas decorations we have strung along the railing. The mood is pleasant, the air is calm, the snow is coming this weekend.

While the usual White Christmas vibe is not happening as of yet, I’m starting to feel the spirit of the holiday season a little bit. I needed to do a few things to kick myself in the mood. Unlike many folks, Christmas and related holidays are not my favorite time of the year but I still find them to be quite pleasant. The trick is to still fit in my clothes when it all calms down come the first of the year. So many goodies.

Despite the absence of winter weather usually found in these parts at this time of the year, and the concerning reasons for this sort of thing, I’m liking the warmish vibe we have going on. I’m also really enjoying the Christmas lights. No LEDs out here; these are good old incandescent lights a la 1978. Finding C9 replacement bulbs in a bit of a trick here in the 21st century, but we’re thankful to find anything on Amazon.