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Back To School Daze.

365 Days: Day 17.

365 Days: Day 17.,
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Next Tuesday I start the next semester in my question for collegiate excellence. I am very excited about the slate of classes that lie ahead, even my final math course: Calculus with Professor Frightful and his cast of voices in the chalkboard.

So that I am fully prepared for school, I went and picked up my required books today. Last semester I was complaining about how one professor distributed handouts that were handwritten; today I discovered that one of my textbooks is completely handwritten!

Good thing I have such a hearty sense of humor.

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  1. You have one on me. Back when I was doing my B.A. (65-69) the history prof (2 semesters) wrote his own textbook. Each one was typed (pre-computers), thank goodness, but each was mimeographed on 8.5×11 paper and stuffed loose leaf into a manila folder about 1 inch thick.

    Now what happened to page 65?

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