One of the reasons I like television shows from the 50s and 60s was to see how folks were portrayed back then. There was a certain amount of class and charm in the characters that we don’t see today. I’d love the opportunity to have a reason to wear a tux again. I haven’t worn one, outside of a wedding, in a few decades. I’ve owned only one tux in my life, and that was a requirement when I was in music school just out of high school.

When the pandemic is over and we’re all going out again, I’m going to take my husband out for an impressive dinner where formal wear is required. I’m saving up for the event. I might even fix up my flat Central New York (Inland North) accent for the occasion.

Uncle Arthur probably won’t be there though. And I can assure you I will not be wearing ruffles.

By the way, in the screen cap from the third season episode of “Bewitched” seen above, standing behind Dick York as Darrin is Melody McCord as a party guest. You’ve seen her plenty of times, but almost only from the back. She was Elizabeth Montgomery’s double, and was often in a black wig playing the backside of cousin Serena, or in her natural hair playing the backside of Samantha when Lizzie was playing Serena.