I went for a walk this morning before getting started with my work day. The weather was slightly cooperative; it was in the 60s but it was raining a little bit. No worries, I hear laughter in the rain.

Getting outside really lets my mind wander. My typical walk route takes me along a road that was build in the late 1990s in preparation for the nearby expressway that opened up in 2003.

2016-04-01 07.50.53

This is the remains of the “borrow pit”, the area of land where the dirt was excavated and relocated to the nearby expressway that was under construction at the time. When all was said and done, this fairly level piece of land was left behind. I have always wanted to have the means to build an estate of some sort on this piece of property. My mind dreamed of modest house built in the mid-century style with a couple of out buildings, a plush piece of lawn and a warm and friendly homestead that would make people feel welcome.

It’s always fun to dream of the possibilities. The key is to make those dreams come true. When you have a vision, you have something to look forward to.