February 8, 2020

UA 705.

We are on the final leg of our trip home from Hawaii. We are onboard United flight 705 from San Francisco to Chicago O’Hare. It’s a beautiful night to fly; the air is smooth and the sunset is beautiful.

Our flight from Honolulu to San Francisco was aboard a United 777-200 “version 4” with the same amenities as I wrote about on our trip out. The experience was great, the service was great, and the WiFi worked better over the ocean than it did last time. The only thing I missed was live radio feeds from the cockpit, they were not turned on for that flight. We also went through some impressive turbulence for about 90 minutes of the flight.

This 757 is comfortable. We are in the first class cabin again. As a narrow-body aircraft we don’t have the pods or lay down seats but there’s plenty of leg room and the seats are comfortable. Some of the crew on our last flight are also on this flight.

Food choices are a hamburger on a pretzel bun or ravioli. I opted for the hamburger which apparently relieved the FA as she said they had plenty of those and 1K passengers always get their first choice.

I need to become a 1K passenger. Someone please let my husband know.

The WiFi and entertainment server is having issues, according to FA Ryan’s announcement. When in doubt, reboot, and they did that. It’ll take a few minutes for it to come back up.

It’s running Linux and it’s locked down pretty well. (grin)

The 757-300 is showing a few signs of wear but overall it’s a comfortable airplane and we are having a pleasant flight. As I recall, pilots certified to fly the 757 are also certified to fly the 767 as the cockpit configurations and handling characteristics are very close. I find that rather cool.

The passengers in 1E and 1F are very high maintenance. Jamie helped them with their luggage and getting it into the overhead bin. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. The coffee is too strong. The tea is weak. Where is the washroom. The list goes on.

I just smile and thank the flight crew. They all work hard and I feel like they’re under appreciated more than they should be.

The WiFi is now up and running and there is much rejoicing.

I have finished my warm nuts, I’m enjoying a 312, and I’m going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

UA 372.

We are onboard United 372 from Honolulu to San Francisco. We’ll have a layover of a couple of hours at SFO and then proceed home, arriving at O’Hare just before midnight. And if the weather forecast is correct, just before more snow arrives in The Windy City.

There’s a lot of ocean down there.

The flight is off to a great start, though the flight crew does not have the flight deck communications feed to the passenger cabin turned on today. I keep hoping to hear ATC and other flight communications but I’m content just listening to the sounds of the airplane. I have a noise cancelling headset for when I’m in the cockpit but I can still hear and enjoy the low rumble of aircraft engines. Prop, prop turbo, impromptu turbo, turbine, doesn’t matter, they all sound wonderful to me.

I’m already looking forward to our next planned vacation, which is scheduled for July. We’ll be going to Oshkosh, Wis. for the EAA Airventure gathering. It promises to be a great time.

This trip to Hawaii was just what the doctor ordered. I’m feeling great and I feel ready to glide through work stuff to get to play stuff. I’m hoping to get some flight hours in soon, let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates.