Beta Ho.

John Gruber over at Daring Fireball revealed that iOS 13.1 Beta 1 is already out to developers. iOS 13 doesn’t come out until (presumably) mid-September, so the fact that Apple is already releasing the beta for iOS 13.1 is somewhat odd.

Come to find out, several of the enhancements slated for iOS 13, including folder sharing in iCloud Drive, have been pulled from the “.0” release and pushed to 13.1, which will come out toward the end of the year.

Perhaps Apple should stop telling everyone what’s going into a new iOS release and instead announce what’s already been built for the next iOS release. Another idea would be to release updates to the popular operating system when they’re actually ready instead of pandering to the marketing types and forcing out a release every year, whether it’s ready or not.

Marketing should not be determining release schedules, developers and project managers should be fulfilling that task.

I know Apple needs to play games to maintain relevancy and grab the attention of the ever increasing shiny object mentality of the lowest common denominator American, but pushing out half baked software, or worse yet, making promises they can’t keep (ahem, AirPower) is so non-Apple like. Maintain dignity, Apple, dignity.

And while I’m commenting on the state of Apple: one of the reasons I pay a premium price for their hardware, software, and services, is to escape data scraping for the purposes of ads, as well as avoiding ads from being pushed in my face. Yet, for the last couple of ApplePay purchases I’ve made, I’ve been reminded that I could have earned extra Apple cash if I had signed for an Apple Card.

When I’m ready to sign up for an Apple Card I will sign up for an Apple Card. I know many Apple fanboys are breathless over the thing, but we’re content with the thousands of air miles we are earning with our current credit cards. I don’t have a need for another card at this time.

Stop pushing the ads at me. Leave that sort of behavior to the Google set.