April 18, 2019


So a (redacted) version of the Mueller Report was released for public consumption today. Lots of people that know nothing have plenty to say about the report. No one reports facts, everyone spins an opinion. If I continue down this line of thought I’ll end up frothing at the mouth with anger so I’ll keep it light.

All I’m going to say is this. We all know that Trump constantly lies. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders admitted to lying when interviewed by Mueller and team. If this alone doesn’t bother you, there is nothing I can say that’s going to change your feelings or your mind or your allegiance to a “side” that is determined to destroy this country.

There is no moral compass. There are no standards. The bar cannot get any lower. There is no bar.

I will read the (redacted) report this weekend. I will not allow it to throw me over the edge.

We’re already there.