April 12, 2019


I’m still looking forward to reaching the point in my life where I can just live the way I want to without worrying about my blood pressure, my weight, how much I’m working out, how much caffeine I’m drinking, whether I should drink alcohol or not, and trying to find a moment in my diet to figure out where I can inhale the mist of a ground up cheeseburger being blown by my face without having to face the ramifications of health professionals telling me I’m obese.

I love going out with my family and friends, having a few drinks, enjoying a nice meal, and having a wonderfully relaxing experience doing so. I see people all over The Windy City doing this. They’re skinny, they’re laughing, they’re fit, they’re beautiful.

I want to smack the beers right out of their hands.

As Suzanne Sugarbaker once said, “In fact, after work I might drive my car through a Taco Bell”. I would delight in driving the Jeep physically through a Taco Bell if it knocked Gorditas and Tacos made out of Doritos and Burritos out of the hands of pretty people who can eat these things without being scolded for being overweight.

Can you tell that my annual physical is coming up soon?

As my primary physician stabs at the computer, reviews the meds I have to take to extend my life, and then draws vials of blood to make sure I don’t have worms or something, he’ll tell me that I’m overweight and I should do something about it. I should exercise more. I should go to the gym.

I hate the gym. I really hate the gym. I derive absolutely no enjoyment from going to gym. I know that’s anti-American and that I should be jetting around the neighborhood in sweat pants, sweaty and breathless because I should be squatting something in the air with many repetitions, but I can’t think of anything more tedious than grunting and swearing trying to lift dumb bells when I could be outside walking, cycling, swimming, or just enjoying life. If I’m going to pay a business it’s going to be for food, not for the privilege of using their exercise equipment.

I’d rather save my money and fly an airplane.


I try to be pleasant. I try to remember that my life is very good and in many respects I am a very lucky man. But then I turn on the news and see the results of the complete idiocy of the general American public (the results being the idiot in the presidency at the moment) and I try breathe easy and remember the “good days” of George W. Bush.

I want to read the news. I want to know what’s going on in the world, but within 30 seconds of hearing that stupid Orange Dipped Idiot “in chief” speak or reading his latest brain child of idiocy I want to throw the nearest lamp against the wall. Folks don’t even think twice of supporting a president that basically weaponizes human beings trying to find a better life in the United States. They support an administration that hold children hostage from their parents. If a non-white person gets beat up on the streets of this country, they cheer. They have the audacity to claim this administration was sent to this country by “God”.

If this is God’s work I want nothing to do with this “God”.

I would not be surprised in the least if Trump somehow decided that he needs to cancel the elections or if they happen and he lost, he’d invalidate the results and stay in the office. I honestly think he’s going to start a war or manufacture some sort of crisis to skip the 2020 elections all together, and the band of idiots in the Senate, stoked on by the stupid people that still support this idiocy will cheer, reinvent their “moral compass” to accommodate and bam, we’ll find ourselves in a police state.

I have purposely avoided blogging about politics or the news or anything of that nature because I have absolutely nothing nice to say. I have ZERO tolerance for idiocy. My thoughts on the state of this country are the darkest thoughts I have ever had in my 50+ years on this planet.

So I focus on my family. I focus on work. I focus on flying. I drink. I do everything I can to build a bubble around myself, to shield myself away from the complete and utter stupidity that has gripped this nation, “The Greatest Nation on Earth”.

You have got to be kidding me.

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