I will not be watching the inauguration tomorrow. I will be working hard at my job, strengthening the company I work for that connects Americans to one another and earning money to support my family. I will strive to solidify our future which may be plagued with uncertainty due to the change in presidential administration. We are outside of the “norm” and must do what we can to make sure we are protected no matter what legislators try to do. 

I believe that a good citizen contributes more than you take, works hard, earns your way and builds your own existence. Good citizenship, good morals and good values all make the true wealth of a person. None of this is inherited or given to you through handouts. I don’t care what color, sex, creed, race or sexual orientation you are. I don’t care who you pray to or if you don’t feel the need to pray. We all have our own set of beliefs and abilities. And we should use those abilities to learn, to grow and to be our absolute best. And tomorrow, I will be doing what best makes me a good American.