I am at our local Panera playing on my MacBook Pro while enjoying an iced tea and an oatmeal raisin cookie. After working from home all day I felt the need to get out and be amongst people for a little bit. This helps me maintain my optimal level of insanity.

I’ve mentioned before that our local Panera is quite loud. The ambiance does not have that coffee shop feeling that Digital Nomads seek out, this location has more of a McDonalds Playland quality to it. The internet connection isn’t awful and I was able to score a booth that discourages folks from looking at my screen so I am content.

I’m traveling with my MacBook Pro (in lieu of my iPad) for the first time in a while. I’m finding that I still prefer to have a laptop for writing versus the “convenience” of my iPad. The keyboard is better on the MacBook Pro but more importantly I don’t feel confined in creativity like I do when I’m using my iPad. Perhaps it’s because I have a million thoughts going at once but the iPad really wants me to do one task at a time at full screen levels. I’ve never felt comfortable with that for the long term.

I like looking at the big picture from all angles.