Hypocrisy and Lies.

I was telling Earl this morning that I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to handle the stress of this Presidential Election until Tuesday night. Earlier I did something that I’ve never done before; I’ve self-censored incoming Tweets into my timeline, blocking the keywords “Hillary”, “Clinton” and “Trump”.  My self-imposed censorship is in effect for 24 hours. By lunchtime tomorrow my Twitter feed will move back to its current state of complete chaos.

I like to think that I am a responsible citizen of the United States. We pay our taxes, we respect those that hold power and we try to remain informed on national events. However, the amount of hypocrisy and the sheer number of lies that are being spewed all over the place, whether it be in newspapers, on the Internet or via one’s favorite cable news channel, is absolutely breathtaking. For example, when it was revealed that Melania Trump worked without a work visa in the United States, therefore technically making her an illegal immigrant, many Trump supporters responded with a resounding “Who cares? It was 20 years ago.”


We’ve had to listen to people go on and on about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, even though that was 20 years ago, never mind that Bill isn’t even running for President this time around.  We’ve had to listen to folks go on and on about illegal immigrants and how they’re destroying the U.S. Economy by taking all manner of jobs from Americans. Hello! Cluephone! That’s what Melania, Donald Trump’s wife, did herself 20 years ago! The hypocrisy is killing me.

Look, I think that the choices we have for President on Tuesday are nearly the bottom of the barrel. I’ve said before that I can’t believe that “The Greatest Country in the World” can’t do better than what we’ve been flogged with for the past two years. We are better than this. The United States is better than this. We deserve better. But the corruption of an otherwise amazing political system has basically given us these two to choose from and I can’t help but think that every Founding Father is spinning double time in their graves.

I have been getting through under the foolish notion that this chaos and insanity will be over once someone (god willing, it ain’t the Cheeto Colored Turd) is announced as the new president of the United States, but in all likeliness this is only the beginning of being barraged with lies and stupidity. If Hillary wins there’s a good chance that not much will get accomplished, especially when Republicans are now saying they’re going to try to keep the Supreme Court seat vacant until the 2020 election. (How’s that “working for the people” thing working out for you these days?) If Donald wins, well, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get nuked before we get a chance to have another election.

I’m looking forward to casting my vote on Tuesday but only just to get it over with. Any feeling of national pride or civic duty has long since faded with the constant stream of crap that we’ve been subjected to.

Let’s hope that we’re all around a year from now to laugh about it. I doubt we’ll be laughing even then.