Stick To The Schedule.

When I became a full-time college student, I assumed responsibility for the upkeep of our merry little household. This involves cooking, cleaning, keeping up with the laundry and most importantly, enjoying television programming while doing the aforementioned chores.

My channel of choice is TV Land with occasional romps with Lifetime. Completely bored with what modern television has to offer, I feel much better when I escape in the likes of Mayfield, Hooterville and Vitavitavegamin.

I usually start the day off with back to back episodes of the “Golden Girls”, for if I was not to do this I would definitely lose major gay points. From there I spin the dial to channel 301 which is TV Land. At the beginning of my college career this landed me in the middle of the adventures of Wally and the Beav, but this past month it skewed me into farm country with Green Acres. I’ve since learned that TV Land likes to rearrange the schedule willy-nilly for today when I was hoping for a serving of hotscakes I ended up with a beautiful Pernell Roberts in Bonanza.

Now, I’m not one to complain about major beefcake such as Mr. Roberts, however, it’s hard to listen to the wisdom of Lorne Greene when you’re in the mood for the insanity of Hooterville. I ended up spinning again and landing on Frasier, which I never quite ‘got’. Frustrated with the lack of Arnold the Pig and non-plussed by the humor of Frasier, I opted to pop in my Isis DVD.

I wish TV Land would just stick with the program. It’d make us classic television viewers less cranky.