May 22, 2016



So I’m traveling for work this week. Earl is traveling for work this week. At the end of the week, we will meet up with Jamie in the greater Denver area to visit friends, go to a wedding and a long weekend of vacationing. It’ll be good to all be in the same place for a change.

I spent the late afternoon and evening exploring the greater Greenville, S.C. area. I like what I found; there are some really nifty houses in the Greer area. It’s close to an airport, it’s a reasonable commute to the office and the houses have some of the mid-century charm that I adore. We are still a couple of years from relocating but I feel confident that we would be comfortable in Greenville.

I’m getting ready to dive into the work week tomorrow and it’s a good feeling. Perhaps it’s being in the nicer weather where spring has sprung for real.