The wooded area behind the house always has that one tree that is precocious. In the autumn there is one maple tree that turns her colors to red before the rest of the trees even think about shying away from green. Every spring, this guy decides he wants to be the first one to show some spring color.


The back lawn is still quite wet but I was able to navigate around a little bit without stepping up to my ankles in water. I measured out the width of the creek that runs through our back lawn to figure out how long a bridge to the other side would be. I need to build a bridge that is 10 feet long. I’m thinking two or three treated 4-by-4s and some strategically placed pallets. This will give us a little footbridge to cross over into the wooded area. I can jump the creek, I’ve done it many times, but it’s just not the same without a cat jumping along with me.

When the sun decided to peek through a little bit this afternoon I noticed that there are some other trees farther back on the property that are starting to show a little bit of fuzz that resembles something like spring colors.

It is definitely a welcome site.