April 6, 2016

When Love Takes Over.

I startled myself awake this morning when I started singing in my sleep. I sang out loud and that woke me up. This isn’t the first time that I have done this. For my performance I was standing in the middle of the hotel room, facing the window (which thankfully had closed curtains) and I just started singing my heart out. I can vividly remember the dream; I was singing to a karaoke CD in a T station in Boston. The track in question was “When Love Takes Over” by French DJ David Guetta and vocalist Kelly Rowland. I wrote a month ago that this track was one of my favorite songs. Apparently I still had it on the brain. In my dream, Kelly stopped by to tell me that I was doing a great job covering her vocals. Acting out my dreams in a hotel room is not completely outside of normalcy for me; I’ve been known to engage in nocturnal activity once in a while. Luckily I don’t jump out of windows or anything.

This song has been in my head since my dream, so I decided to look up live performances of it on YouTube. While I have always appreciated Kelly’s vocals on this track, I was a delighted to hear that she is just as good live as she is on Memorex. She reminds me very much of a young Donna Summer, and that’s not a compliment that I share without careful consideration. Donna Summer always gave a flawless live performance and my quick search of Kelly’s live performances of “When Love Takes Over” are flawless as well.

Enjoy this live performance from 2009.


I’ve been trying to get to my website to write this blog entry for the past 90 minutes. The site wasn’t loading, then it was, then it wasn’t again. I called the customer service line of my web hosting company, MacHighway, and waited as first in line for a technical support technician for 10 minutes. I had a chat with the specialist, who escalated to tier 2 as she couldn’t find an issue. She did, however, admit that she couldn’t get my site to load.

I have been with MacHighway for many years. They recently moved to a new data center and things have been a little wonky. I had to do some hacking magic to keep the blog running once they implemented new security procedures; the process has not been painless. Because of my longevity with the company I will maintain a relationship with them, but I don’t feel as warm and fuzzy as I used to about the stability of my web space.
With so many personal blogs closing up shop these days I strive to keep things running because, well, I don’t really know why. I’m an exhibitionist? I like talking about life? I like sharing with the world behind the safety of an LED screen? (My introverted ways don’t lend themselves to small talk and the like). I enjoy writing and I feel stifled when the web site is a little off kilter.
Who knew such a thing could be so important?