Fly For Work.

I am sitting in Syracuse Airport awaiting my flight that will get me to Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was less than two weeks ago that I found out that work needed me to fly to our Fort Wayne office for some meetings. The timing of this trip is a little off, as Earl, Jamie and I are headed to Walt Disney World on Thursday morning. I land at Syracuse Wednesday evening at 11:00 p.m., head home, and then Earl and I leave for Orlando from Syracuse Airport on Thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. If I miss my connection in Atlanta on the way home from Fort Wayne, I’m just going to camp out there and meet Earl there to get to Orlando. There’s always a plan B.

Syracuse Airport is desperately trying to ramp up its facilities. They’ve added a couple of shops, a new “AleHouse” (though I question why a modern airport would want a bar called “Middle Ages AleHouse”) and Johnny Rockets will be opening soon.

I just ate a heat and serve Grilled Chicken Panini that was acceptable. The calories weren’t horrible and the staff was very friendly. I’m feeling good.

I wish I was flying the airplane today, but being a passenger is still aviation awesomeness. Any seat on an airplane is a great seat.

Photo on 3-15-15 at 4.25 PM #2