Short Ride.

So on Saturday Earl and I decided to go for a little ride to enjoy the afternoon and perhaps get a bite to eat. We ended up driving a little over 400 miles over the course of 16 hours. Our dinner in Burlington, Vermont was quite lovely.

Our very first date was spent driving in Vermont and as I sat next to my husband I had a hard time believing that it had been over 17 years since we had gone on that life-changing ride together. Where does the time go?

In our travels Earl was tolerant when a geek moment presented itself…

Old-school Kmart! I was very excited to see the red “K” and blue “mart”. Walking inside the store was like doing the time warp again. The woman behind the service desk had a bee-hive hairdo. I didn’t take her picture, though, she was a busy.

We spent much of our time on Church Street in the downtown area of Burlington.

This is the quiet end.

This is the busier end.

We had dinner at a Leunig’s Bistro, which was quite nice. We always enjoy eating on a patio-like area on the street and the weather was perfect for it. Admittedly, we enjoyed the eye candy too.

Afterwards we headed down to Lake Champlain where I took a photo of me with my best friend.

After the trip we drove up and around the northern end of the lake, coming into the northern most eastern corner of New York, where there were important decisions to make.

Though we had our passports and there was no line at several of the crossings we passed (basically one officer in each direction), we just grazed along the border …
… (the Jeep is in the US but the field is in Canada). No fence necessary.

The drive home was long but it passed quickly. Driving through the Adirondacks at midnight can be an interesting experience though. The deer like to play chicken with Jeeps. The Jeep won every time, though. Maybe the deer won, because they’d just run off into the field and laugh a lot.

I’m still basking in the afterglow of a most excellent weekend. Let’s hope the trend continues this week.