Can’t Imagine.

I can’t imagine sitting in Room 5 in my kindergarten class in elementary school and having anyone with a gun come into the classroom.

I can’t imagine the hallways of the one building that should always safe being filled with the sounds of gun fire.

I can’t imagine no longer having my friends sit by my side when classes resumed because they were killed in our classroom.

I can’t imagine sitting as a lost, empty soul of a childless parent, surrounded by well-intended family and friends, knowing that my child will never be coming home from school.

I can’t imagine experiencing the loss of a child at all.

I can’t imagine what would grip and twist a person in such a way that he or she felt that killing was the only answer.

I can’t imagine why we debate gun control laws that seem like common sense.

I can’t imagine what our society has become.

I can’t imagine what the holidays will be like for many families in Connecticut.

I just can’t imagine it.

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the senseless, mind numbing tragedy that occurred in Connecticut today. My thoughts and prayers are with us all.


    1. This tragic event has been in my thoughts since it happened, especially with all the gun debates going on in my Facebook and Twitter stream. I think we need to set aside the politics but that appears to be something that we are incapable of in the U.S. these days. I miss the days when we were a united country.

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