I miss TV theme songs. This one clocks in at 100 seconds; one would NEVER find a theme song of this length on today’s television.

Here’s “Different Worlds”, sung by Maureen McGovern, from the second season of “Angie”.


  1. Yep, some of today’s themes are less than ten seconds.

    I wonder how much the rise of recording devices had to do with the shrinking of the theme song. Way back when, we only had one chance to watch a show: when it was being aired.. A longer theme did give viewers a bit of time to tune in and settle down. Now, with DVRs, we don’t have to scramble for the TV set at any particular time, and most people usually skip the theme after seeing it once.

    Of course, it’s really due mostly to the need to insert as many ads as possible per hour.

    1. I remember that they started losing theme songs completely in the very early 90s, so now you’ve got me wondering. I’ve always assumed that a theme song took way too much of the precious advertising time and that’s why they cut them down or eliminated them completely.

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