I really like the concepts shown in this video, and I find it interesting that this technology is being developed in Upstate New York. The future looks wicked cool.


  1. Can you imagine how much our carbon footprints are going to increase? 😉

    And what about fingerprint smudges on everything? I already have a coronary when I see smudges on a monitor or my table. I can just imagine the stroke I would have seeing all the fingerprint smudges on everything.

    I actually posted a similar request that I’d love to see from hardware/software/OS vendors: some way that I can seamlessly transfer whatever I’m working on on one computing device to another. Without all the hoops and hurdles we have to jump through now to make that happen. If we can even make that happen. But to make that happen, one company will have to take over all the others, because I don’t see any company being altruistic enough to let their products work in this manner with other companies products.

    1. My technological experience will be complete when I can take a presentation from my iPad (or other tablet) and swipe it up onto the wallboard. I think we are getting close to that happening but I want to be able to do things like that; take the episode of Bewitched that I’m watching and fling it up on the mirror so I can continue watching it while I brush my teeth or shave or whatever.

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