So I’m sitting in the Jeep in the parking lot closest to the Dunkin’ Donuts near work. I was not able to grab the coveted shady spot, but there’s enough of a breeze to make sitting in the Jeep bearable. I am gazing at the golden rod and purple tinged weeds that line the parking lot; this is a form of meditation that helps me clear my mind.

It has been a week that has needed a lot of clearing of the mind.

Things are a little strange at work. I guess it’s strange when you no longer have a clear sense of direction or being grounded. I’m just doing what I’m suppose to do to the best of my ability and with the hopes that what I think is right is right. The air in the office is somewhat thick with tension. It kind of reminds me of when I worked for DEC and folks started walking around with layoff notices and buy out offers, but I don’t believe that we are in the position in any way. Things are just in flux and it’s going to be a little while before they’re unfluxed.

I don’t think that’s a word.

Yesterday my chiropractor noticed that I had shaved off my mustache and was very complimentary on my “younger look”. Actually quite a few people have commented that I look younger. I feel younger. Exercising in the morning is certainly helping that situation.

Yesterday morning someone inadvertently tried to run me off the road as I was walking on the dirt shoulder (about four feet to the left of the pavement). As I jumped out of the way to what I thought was lawn, I quickly realized that it wasn’t lawn, it was a four foot ditch. I went down in the ditch and scraped up my hand, wrist, elbow, leg and knee. You’d think that the driver would notice that the guy that was walking with a strobe light and reflective clothing had suddenly disappeared, but the driver was probably too engrossed in his or her text message.



  1. Sorry for your bruises but very grateful that you are OK
    Hope work unfluxes soon!!! Glad you are able to escape and enjoy nature at lunchtime

  2. Hope you’re okay, both physically from the “accident” and mentally from the work environment. I remember at my IT gig when my manager was laid off, and we were all in limbo land for a few weeks until things got sorted out. Kind of.

    1. Spending the weekend relatively off the grid has helped me work my way through the issues going on at work. I still have a lot of unanswered questions but hopefully the will be answered over the next couple of weeks. At the very least, after the one on one I had with my (former) manager on Friday, I have a clearer vision of where things are headed.

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