September 12, 2012


This afternoon I started smiling at work again. This song was the impetus for that.

From 1987, here’s the hit “What Have I Done To Deserve This?” by Pet Shop Boys featuring Dusty Springfield. Pure 80s heaven.

Old School.

So I’m kicking it old school today. I’m working from the office on a Wednesday, which I haven’t done in months, I’m using my MacBook Pro instead of my iPad to type this entry and I’m using the city wifi instead of the LTE connection I usually try to enjoy from Verizon?

Why all this frivolity, you ask? Well, folks at the office asked me to come in and work on the big project in person today since it worked best with schedules. I’ll be working from home the rest of the week. I’m a flexible kind of guy these days, especially when the future of the group may be up for grabs. In addition, I inadvertently left my iPad in North Carolina when I flew back on Monday. It’s expected to arrive tomorrow. Without my iPad, I don’t have a network hotspot to use, so that’s why I’m using the city wifi.

It’s an acceptable solution.

Being without my iPad for a few days has not been as traumatic as one would expect it to be for me. I haven’t really missed it. Anything that I can do on my iPad I can do on my iPhone and I can still do more on my laptop than on either my iPhone or iPad. So perhaps this has been a learning experience for me.

I’m in one of those moods where I feel the need to simplify my life again. Things build up and get complicated and then I do some sort of reboot and things get back down to normal. Last night I startled Jamie by thoroughly cleaning the stove and Radarange (microwave) simply because it was good to do something that wasn’t complicated nor technology based. Doing this felt good.

Earl is out of town on business until Friday. I think tonight after supper I’m just going to sit down and read a good book. I’m going to keep it simple.