September 7, 2012

UA 4783

I am currently on a flight to Dulles International. I am on my way to see our friends Jeff and Mark in Durham, NC. I do this type of solo weekend once a year or so. I am very lucky to be married to the husband I have. Some people don’t “get” us. Others envy us. I just know that I am still in bliss after all these years.

The flight in question is on a Dash 8-200. 8 rows with 4 seats, 1 row with five seats. Originally in seat 3A, I volunteered to move to the back when the plane was determined to be unbalanced. Like my father, my aviator blood gives me a sense of keeping the friendly skies friendly. I’m in the center square, seat 9C, the extra seat in the back row with LOTS of legroom. Our flight attendant is Val. She reads everything off of cue cards. She mixed up the order of some of the paragraphs, blending water landings with the perks of an airline credit card, but I like her for her efforts. I’m well aware of where the exits are just in case.

This has been a week for my journal. My boss finished his business with the company today and we have no further direction on the status of our group. I had a great one on one with him this afternoon. He’s more than a boss, he is a friend. I look forward to seeing him soon.

Jeff and Mark have their own web development and Internet business. Geeks with common interests are naturally drawn to one another. It should be a great weekend.


The air is getting thick with the impending Presidential elections in November. I’m starting to overhear conversations at work and they are heated. A keep hearing and seeing the word “united” in the “United States of America” but the people don’t seem united. There are united factions, but the people as a whole seem split right down the middle. Everything is 50/50. One extreme or another. No shades of gray, it’s either black or white. Negative or positive. No compromise. I wonder if the media cooks it up to be a tight race so that there will be more ratings, which ends up with the sheep following their lead.

Kind of heavy stuff to be thinking about on a sunny Friday afternoon. I sometimes wonder what the world would be like today had Hillary been the nominee in 2008 instead of Obama. I guess I’ll have to find a way to an alternative universe to find that out.