Back during tax return season in 2008 Earl and I treated ourselves to a couple of new computers. At the time I had an Apple PowerBook G4 and Earl had an iBook. Both were good machines that had served us well, but they were quickly falling behind on their abilities to keep up with the latest operating system, so we decided to use our tax returns to buy new MacBook Pros. My choice was the 2.5ghz model, Earl went with the slightly slower 2.4ghz model. Both used the same chassis as my old PowerBook G4. I liked the feeling of familiarity.

A couple of years later I lost my mind and decided to get rid of my MacBook Pro and go with a Linux laptop instead. I ended up using the iMac a lot and used the Linux laptop in my spare time. It wasn’t my happiest moments of technology. In the meantime, in late 2010 Earl dropped his MacBook Pro, bending the corner nearest the optical drive and giving the laptop a bit of a wobble whenever it sat on a flat surface. We decided that his computer wouldn’t be around for much longer and opted to replace it with a new 15-inch MacBook Pro. That was quickly replaced with a 13-inch version, as the bigger laptop proved to much for his travel. The 15-inch MacBook Pro went to Jamie.

I am proud to say that I decided to keep the bent, older style MacBook Pro in the family. I bent the corner back into place so that it firmly sits on the table or desk as I’m using it. The keyboard is just lovely; I prefer the older style keyboard much more than the newer style, and quite frankly, when I take the older style laptop to Panera or something, the young hipsters whisper about me because I’m all retro with my computing flair.

I didn’t know how long the MacBook Pro with a cracked up case would last, but I recently replaced the power adapter and gave it a fresh battery. It feels as good as new. The retro, rainbow “Apple Computer” sticker completes the look and vibe that I am striving for.

It is my intention to keep this computer around for as long as possible. I hope to make it to the end of the Mayan Calendar and beyond, in retro Mac bliss.

It’s the little things that make a geek like me happy.

Macbook pro