January 6, 2012


There are really small things that happen in my life that I just find very intriguing and amusing. It’s usually something rather trivial that people wouldn’t take a second glance at, but for me, while it’s no earth shattering or traumatic event, I still take notice and ponder upon it to find a hidden significance.

Upon leaving my cubicle for lunch today, I forgot my iPad. That’s right, I left my iPad sitting on my desk at work, waiting for it’s opportunity to assist in the blogging process. I made my way down the hallway and out to the Jeep before I realized that I was not following my lunchtime ritual. Deciding to be adventurous, I opted to not return to my cubicle and instead make the decision to leave the iPad behind and write my blog entry on my iPhone today.

Now because of the way that I am wired, I am wondering what caused me to forget my iPad. There are a couple of possibilities as to why I have taken this alternate course of action during my lunch today.

1. Earl asked if I would buy lunch today instead of brown bagging it like I usually do every day. When I brown bag my lunch, I usually eat it at my desk before my actual lunch hour, because I’m usually hungry shortly after 11. (I blame the high school programming of the 11:04 lunch period during my formative years, but that’s just a hunch). I can hold out until 11:45 or so before needing to consume my lovely homemade lunch, but because I didn’t have a homemade lunch today I was either calorie starved and not thinking clearly at 12:00 or I was thrown off by not having followed my ritual of eating at 11:45.

2. I’m getting old and starting to forget (more) things. I’m never really good at remembering names and quite frankly I don’t trust that the words coming out of my mouth are the ones that I actually intended to say around 25% of the time, so forgetting things is not a big deal to me except when it comes to technology. Oh I can still recite the dumb stuff, like the license plate of my grandparents’ 1971 Chevy Caprice (564-LPO), but the fact that I forgot my iPad, or for that matter, any Apple product usually in my possession, is just a bit confounding to me and tells me that there’s an increasing amount of gray hair on my face for a reason, I’m aging. Today the iPad, tomorrow the Jeep, next week, pants. I see what lies ahead.

3. It could be that I’m tired. Earl and I had to take care of some family business at my Dad’s house last night and we didn’t get to bed until after 11. This made 5:30 feel like it arrived a lot sooner than it should have this morning. I still have the required amount of pep I need to get through the day, it’s just a sluggish pep.

I will probably ponder the “root cause analysis” (work jargon creeping in here) of my forgetting of the iPad through my lunch hour before dismissing it as something trivial and moving on with my day.

However, if you see me next week and I’m (not intentionally) without pants, please do me a favor and let me know.