Sleep is apparently not on the agenda for the week. Last night I stayed up for an hour beyond my bedtime. I wasn’t doing anything fun or anything, in fact, I just stared at the ceiling and wondered when I was going to fall asleep. I then woke up at 2 a.m. for a little while, just to keep things interesting. At 4 a.m. my body apparently thought it was well-rested and I ended up just laying in bed pondering the meaning of life until the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. That’s when I officially started my day.

Last night was a repeat of the night before.

I don’t know why I’m not sleeping. I suspect it has something to do with the pressures of work and the chaos of my daily schedule. On the positive side of things, I can say that I am happier today than I was back when I would try to eek some sleep between pager beeps that plagued my old job. I don’t miss that on-call gig at all.

They’re trying out a new on-call schedule at my current job this year, where by seniority we get to pick which holidays we want to work. Theoretically, we have to work one holiday every two years. I think it’s a pretty sweet deal: being on-call only once every 13 weeks and having to work one holiday every two years. Others are not thinking as positively about the new way of doing things, though. I get tired of unrest.

Perhaps it’s the unrest in the world that is keeping me from sleep.

As I closely follow all the shenanigans leading up to the Presidential elections in November, I start to wonder what the world would be like if one of the social conservatives got to sit in the big chair. I’m all for a fiscal conservative sitting in the big chair; I think that we are throwing too much money at a wall and hoping it will stick and I think there are too many people that live off the system (without giving anything to the system in the first place), but the idea of a social conservative in the White House scares me a little bit. On one hand I think it’s arrogant for a man or woman to think they can sit down in the big chair and on day one nullify every marriage they didn’t agree with in one broad pen stroke. On the other hand, I think it shows that they’re quite stupid and out of touch with reality. Too much stupidity and arrogance plague the politics of our country.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be thinking about these things while I’m trying to sleep.

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