My phone rang between 0430 and 0500 ET this morning. This occasionally happens during an on-call week and this happens to be one of those weeks. I was on a conference call until 6:45 a.m. when I fixed whatever was broken and then I went back to bed and grabbed a few winks before officially starting the day.

If it was still Daylight Saving Time I’d be extra surly because of the disrupted sleep, but my mind and body are both happy to be outside of the “artificial fog” that I experience during DST so I’m not too bad to deal with today. At least I don’t think I’m too bad to deal with.

I had big plans of going to the gym before work this morning. I had my alarm set and everything but alas, it was not meant to be. Though it has only been a couple of weeks since my last bike ride, I am desperately missing the chance to hit the open rode on my bike. It was 21ºF this morning and I don’t have the cold weather gear for riding my bike. I really miss getting around on two wheels, though.

Since I couldn’t make it to the gym before my string of meetings today, I have taken to walking when I can. I normally take a short walk in the morning and again in the afternoon but today I threw in a third walk during my lunch hour. Though it is still quite brisk out, the sky is lovely blue and the sun helps keep the chill at bay.

Mondays aren’t so bad when you put your mind to it.