It is a well-established fact that popcorn is my favorite food. I can eat popcorn for any occasion and quite frankly, I can even eat leftover popcorn and enjoy it very much. Popcorn was omnipresent on the supper table when I was growing up; soup, popcorn and hot dogs were a favorite for the hibernation months of winter. Grandma Country made popcorn every Saturday night for Gramps and there was always leftover popcorn in a big bowl on Sunday morning when we went over for coffee and donuts, a ritual that was called “Family Day”.

I was trained early on that the proper way to serve popcorn was in a big bowl so that it could be easily accessed by several people in the efforts of sharing. Multiple hands, dirty and clean, reached into the popcorn bowl back in the day and we all survived. There was no Purell present. We just used common sense.

Since hibernation season has officially begun with dark evenings, I thought it was appropriate that we have a big bowl of popcorn as Earl and I relaxed in the living room. This is what it looks like after about a half hour. The bowl was empty shortly after this picture was taken.

IMG 1107