I have always said that one should never work at a job that they don’t enjoy. That doesn’t mean that no one should do menial labor, because I know a lot of people who enjoy doing what others consider “grunt work”. I know that one of my most enjoyable jobs was working as a cashier for a large department store chain back in my early 20s, because you got to talk to a lot of people, it required a bit of skill “back in my day” (no scanning where I worked) and my curiosity was satisfied in two ways: the cash register was fun to try to crash once in a while and I got to see what people were buying.

I’m so strange.

After having such a magical long weekend, what with a wedding kicking it off and then the whole honeymoon thing in the fine City of New York, I wasn’t particularly excited about getting up at 5:30 this morning and driving the darkened roads for an hour to sit in a beige cubicle for eight hours, only to drive home another hour along a commute that is populated by slow moving vehicles, mainly horse drawn wagons that are getting crops from point A to point B. In fact, I had a little bit of a feeling of dread getting up this morning but I did my best to muster up an acceptable attitude and I did what we all have to do on a Monday morning.

So here I am, halfway through my work day and I have been congratulated by many on the legal marriage to my partner and I have told a few that no, I did not change my name, nor did he change his. We are still married though, and we have the paper to prove it. Now we get to play with HR and do the whole married health benefits thing. That’ll be fun.

I have found that the sense of dread was unwarranted. Like many people, I imagined work would be more chaotic than it actually is today and I thought that I would have this sense of being overwhelmed, which I don’t. Before leaving for work this morning, Earl suggested I find a way to meditate. This probably wouldn’t be a good thing to do when driving along the one hour commute amongst the buggies in the dark, so instead I tuned into a non-committal radio station on Sirius/XM (the 40s on 4 for those that are curious) and I just kind of found my way to a good place in my head. It took a little effort but I found it and I’m finding that it’s much more enjoyable than that place I was when I was dreading going to work this morning. I guess the sounds of the 40s music and the effort to make my mood better helped me find my center today.

I know many people that make their work their life. And that is awesome for them. While overall I enjoy what I do very much, I consider myself to be more than just my job and I like to explore all the dimensions of this multi-dimensional. multi-faceted slew of interests and quirks that I have.

Once I find a good balance of work and play, I find that the grind isn’t so bad after all.