August 5, 2011


So tonight was suppose to be my 25th high school reunion. It was around two weeks ago that I read on the official Facebook page for the gathering that it had been canceled due to a lack of interest. I found this quite interesting and not really that surprising, considering the dynamics of our graduating class. I graduated from a small high school and many of us both started kindergarten and graduated together. We didn’t have any cheerleaders in our class, we left that duty up to the classes that preceded and followed us.

I find it interesting that there wasn’t a lot of interest in the gathering because a good share of us already talk to each other on Facebook. Perhaps Facebook has replaced the necessity of a high school reunion. Plus, we had a really good time getting together five years ago for our 20th reunion. Why spoil the good memories by trying to recreate it.

This weekend tends to be chosen for these types of events, instead of the traditional high school graduation weekend, because it’s the weekend of the annual Ringgold Firemen’s Field Days. Think church/town carnival with plenty of beer or think county fair without as many cows but more beer. Pulaski has always had a decent field days and this year should be no exception. It turns into an “old home days” type gathering anyways and it’s the only place out in the wild that I ever run into anyone I graduated with. I posted on the official Facebook page of the reunion committee that I would be at the field days tonight and one other person mentioned it as well. My best friend through high school is going to be there, so there will be an extra helping of gay at the event. You can never have enough gay, even if it’s shut behind a closet door. Although, too much gay behind the porta-john door might get people talking.

I think I’m digressing.

Though we won’t bust out into a rousing, rowdy version of our high school Alma Mater, “The Crimson and the Blue”, I’m sure there will be a few laughs, a few people barfing from the field days rides and a few tears in a few beers as we haphazardly run into each other at the field days.

Sounds just as I remembered high school. Ah, the memories.

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