August 3, 2011


“Do you think the Blue Angels are available to do an airshow?”


“A fly over?”


“Perhaps a Cessna 150 with a really small horn?”


“Can we get a bouncy house for the kids and the kids at heart?”

Eye roll.

“I suppose chips in dog bowls would be tacky.”


These are the questions and responses that are being aired about as Earl and I discuss our wedding plans. There was quite an outpouring of love when we changed our Facebook statuses from “In A Relationship” to “Engaged”. We notified each other of our status changes via Facebook, even though we were sitting across the table from one another.

Slowly but surely plans are coming together. Dates are being set. Thoughts are being aired and budgets are being checked. People from all over are sending wonderful words of love and support in our direction. Quite frankly I still can’t believe that somehow, in some manner, the State of New York has deemed it legally possible for me to marry the man that makes me see fireworks every time he walks into a room. I was talking about the vacation time with the Director of the group I work in and I actually got a little teary eyed. I read about and hear on the news that “Conservatives” oppose same sex marriage. Honestly, I think that’s a bit of hogwash. It’s actually right-wing extremists and nut jobs that oppose same sex marriage. I know a lot of conservative people1. Many have voiced their support. The others have kept their mouths shut and not said a word. I know who fits into which camp. I’m not bothered by it. I figure they’ll figure it out when they pass on to the next existence and figure out how silly they have been.

We know a few couples that have been together for more than 30 years. One in particular are still quite obviously very much in love and yet they are not allowed to get married in the state of Wyoming. We’ve asked them to come visit us so they can breathe a little bit of open minded air. It might do them so good. Another couple that has been together just as long don’t seem interested in getting married even though they can now. I don’t find this sad, it’s not my business to make that judgement. They can do what they need to do to find happiness just like everyone else in the world. I know straight couples that opt out of marriage and they seem quite happy.

I just know that I never thought marriage would be in the cards but now that it is, I am very excited and even more blissfully happy.

Happiness. There needs to be more of this.

1 Actually, I consider myself a middle of the road, financially somewhat conservative libertarian more than anything else.

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