August 8, 2011


I am kicking off the week with a little bit of familiarity. Normally I travel to and from work with my iPad, after all, it is one of the latest Apple gadgets and as an Apple fanboy I am obligated to buy the latest offering from the greatest company in the world and dutifully truck it back and forth to every place I go.

I hope you realize that the paragraph preceding this one is 95% snark.

Anyways, while the iPad is great for traveling it is excels at content consumption but is mediocre at content creation, especially since it has a software keyboard. I have mentioned before that I carry a standard Apple bluetooth keyboard to use with my iPad, but this approach is rather clumsy. This week I decided to start carrying the MacBook Pro again.

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Yesterday I was going through my duffle bag and found my Kodak HD video camera which I haven’t used very much. I started playing around with it, taking video of the leaves blowing in the wind, for example, and then I discovered the art of using slow- and fast-motion editing techniques to make the video a little more interesting. I mean, blowing leaves are still blowing leaves whether they’re dancing fast and doing a slow wave, but nonetheless, the spontaneous creative endeavor inspired me a little bit. Sometimes we need only a small bit of inspiration. It’s the opportunity to run with it that gives us the magic we seek.

I sound like a fortune cookie insert.  Just add “in bed”.

You may have noticed in the photo above that I have an older style MacBook Pro. This is Earl’s former computer. It had been dropped at one point in it’s life, but I resurrected it and now it purrs along like a happy cat. Personally I prefer this style of the MacBook Pro because I like the keyboard much better. I find the sharper edges from the current version to be a little uncomfortable for the way I type and since I do a lot of babbling on my blog, it’s best that I am comfortable when I am typing. My plan is to use this MBP for as long as I can, since it works just fine. It’s even running OS X Lion without an issue. I am pleased.