I’m hidden in the shade of the sign proclaiming that I am in the “Arterial Plaza” near work. The ‘arterial’ is actually a two lane road with several traffic lights on it, but it has a speed limit of 55 and the adjacent businesses are actually on a service road. People still drive 30. The sign is being used as a method of finding shade. It’s 85 and very humid today and there isn’t much of a breeze. I refuse to run the car when I don’t need to and I don’t believe a person in a Jeep should be using air conditioning anyway, so I just sit here and sweat a little bit.

I considered going for a walk at lunch today but it’s just too damn hot, which is a shame because I’m feeling fidgety. Ever since our return home I’ve been feeling the need to move about and sitting at my desk at work and staring at two monitors is not quite fitting the bill. I want to breathe fresh air and I want to move around. I let my mind wander as I’m working on the routine things of my job, but that doesn’t cut it. I want to move. Every once in a while I walk and I join a couple of co-workers for a 15-minute walk every morning and afternoon but with the relatively nice weather it seems like I should be outside. I’d even be happy driving a delivery truck or something, like the UPS guys that run around in shorts and drive with the doors open.

Several years ago I worked in an office where we could wear shorts. I miss those days. I often went barefoot in my office back then. It was a liberating feeling and I like being barefoot best. Here I am wearing jeans and sneakers and it feels like a bit much.

If it isn’t too hot when I get home it might be appropriate to go for a walk or a bike ride tonight. Perhaps that will help with the fidgety feelings I’m having today.

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