July 22, 2011


I am in a fantastic mood today. I know it’s Friday and all of that, but this morning I decided to get up and be in a good mood. It was a conscious decision I made. I got out of bed, after a terrible night’s sleep (it was 87F in the bedroom and I was awoken half way through the night to fix an issue at work) and I said to myself, “I’m really a nice person and therefore, I will smile today.”

It was a good day to start the day.

I logged onto my new favorite online hangout1, Google+, and found my stream populated with some drivel from some of the tech crowd that claim their famous, in particular, a bleached out, blown out blonde that tries to act like an alien. While I appreciate her love of all things cats, I found her most annoying. As I stared at the overly Photoshopped icon showing her looking wistfully into the sky, obviously looking for something better than the character she portrays herself to be, I decided that this chick wasn’t real and I really held no interest in what she had to “offer” the world.


She hasn’t beat out Out-Q’s Romaine Patterson for my “top 10 most despised media whores” list but she’d get a bullet if Casey Kasem was doing the countdown.

As I looked through my growing Google+ friends list, I decided to wipe out several tech-media folks. I mirrored the effort on Twitter. And then again on Google Reader, where I had been reading the blogs of these folks. I don’t need someone to tell me how great something is when I stumble upon flaw after flaw in a software product (ahem, OS X Lion).

There are some people that are just lunatics in the world. I am proudly one of them. I think I’m more in the league of the eccentrics but nevertheless I like it when people embrace their quirks because it’s part of who they. The quirks are real. It’s when people come out wearing a pork chop for a shirt and a fruit salad for a skirt that it gets on my nerves. Am I judging them? Probably, but I know when I have to say to myself, “you know, that’s not my thing and there’s nothing forcing me to partake in what they have to offer.”

It’s about keeping it real. That’s why I like the folks I chat with through this blog and the folks that share their lives in this fashion through the technology we have today. They’re real people reaching out. They’re not folks painting themselves into a character for others to notice.

I’m still smiling as I keep it real today. I hope you are too.

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