So yesterday and today is all about training for work. It’s the first two classes of a total of five this month and the only two that will be an Online Experience. At the end of the month I’ll be in southern California for the classroom portion.

My life is groovy.

I’ve taken classes from this vendor before and I’ve met the instructor a couple of times so yesterday’s class felt very comfortable. While I value my alone time very much, Earl always reminds me that I’m quite good when I’m in a crowd and that I always seem to find my way though I’m nervous about these sorts of things. I didn’t really feel nervous about the training this week because after all, I’m hiding in my basement with a headset and doing the whole 21st century thing, so I’m alone with a bunch of people.

I can handle that.

One can imagine that I am excited about the travel to southern California at the end of the month for the on-site training. The only bummer about the whole thing is that Earl won’t be there to enjoy the ocean views with me, but there’s always the next trip that I’m currently scheming.

I’m kind of liking the flexibility of my schedule around this training. This is probably just another notch in my eccentricity belt, but sometimes I don’t think my body was meant to be in the Eastern time zone. I know that doesn’t make sense to many, but things I say rarely do. It’s just the way I’m wired.