July 9, 2011

CO Flight 1076.

We are finally in the air on Continental Flight 1076 from Newark to Denver. We left 3 1/2 hours late. This was due to the fact that maintenance had to be called onto the plane to fix a woman’s headrest that wasn’t working properly, which delayed us enough to get caught in a series of storms. It amazes me that planes can leave Syracuse in a blizzard but planes can’t leave Newark if it’s misting. But that’s Jersey for ya.

There is a group of students heading to Denver on this flight. Their ringleader is a very obnoxious teenaged girl who has been asked repeatedly to remain seated per the fasten seat belt light. She has led the group in applause every time the plane has moved more than one yard on the ground. She applauded a successful take off. She has asked for several cups of water. She is growing up to lead the new entitlement generation and will contribute to the return of the train being the transportation method of choice for folks who wish to maintain their sanity. Personally, now that we are airborne, I wish someone would ask her to get out and walk.

I might have hostility issues.

By the way, they’re all wearing t-shirts that say “Echo Lake” and are wearing stylish dog tags with coordinated silencers. While I appreciate dog tags very much, I believe they should be worn by civilians as a tribute to those that have served in the armed forces, not as a bastion of style. These kids will never have the discipline of those that wear dog tags as a soldier.

Scott has been waiting for us in Denver since around 12:00 EDT. He was smart and flew through Chicago. We were suppose to fly through Cleveland, but the United-Continental merger changed those plans and we were moved to a Newark based flight. This is an alleged improvement in customer service. Personally I find it to be a sack of shit. Flying was so enjoyable before it became “Greyhound with wings”. At least the TSA in Syracuse were pleasant.

I don’t know how our flight attendant friends do it. I’d be launching the slide and drinking a beer on the way down.

Proper flying is sitting in the back seat of a Cessna 172 or a Piper TriPacer or J5-A with friends and/or family at the controls. This is not flying. This is being herded. I refuse to “baa”. Perhaps June Cleaver could entertain us with some jive.

We haven’t scheduled our visit in Denver to death. We have a few plans here and there but for the most part we are looking to relax and enjoy the change in scenery.

For now, I just want to get out there.

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