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Flight Path.

There is a bird that keeps flying back and forth at low altitude over the car. I’m in my usual parking space for lunch enjoying the sunshine. I just got out to make sure I didn’t park over a nest or something. I didn’t. But the bird just keeps flying back and forth. Occasionally he chatters at me on his way by. The sweet song of the bird has a slight sound of agitation to it, hence the reason I got out to make sure I didn’t park over a nest or something.

If he brings in the rest of the squadron, I’m of here.

There are little things that can make the day that much better. Yesterday Earl called me at work around 11:40. He was sitting in the parking lot and wanted to take me to lunch. We tried out a local Italian place we had never been to. The food was good and the service was efficient. The surprise made the rest of the day that much better.

I’m waiting for the aforementioned bird to take a leap of faith and fly through my open windows here in the car. It would be a prime opportunity for him to make some sort of point, but I’m not sure he’s up to the task. In the meantime I’ll enjoy the breeze and try to decipher his bombing runs and agitated chatter.

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  1. Oh damn this stupid bird must have lost the message i sent You on his way North and now he doesn’t know how to convene that to You… Anyway, the message read: “Enjoy Your lunch break!” 🙂

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