May 24, 2011


The plan was to leave for Chicago Wednesday night at 6. We’d find a cheap hotel tomorrow night and finish the drive on Thursday. However, Earl started has tomorrow off from work and everyone is in vacation mode. So I stepped out of the box and requested half a day off tomorrow.

So we’ll be on the road between 1 and 2. Holy Toledo, I think we might make it to Toledo tomorrow night.

More Rain.

When it’s raining outside, my lunchtime setup looks like this.


In the past 30 minutes of sitting here for lunch it has rained twice and had three sunny spells. As long as the sunny spells outnumber the rain showers I guess I can’t complain. The weather looks nice for tomorrow, which is a good thing because we start vacation tomorrow night at 4:00 p.m. We’ll be heading towards Chicago tomorrow night. The forecast in that direction is already calling for severe weather tomorrow night, which should keep the drive lively. I hope the rest of the family doesn’t mind chasing a storm if one crops up nearby.

I’m looking forward to meeting a blogger or two this coming weekend while we are at the bear run in Chicago. It’s always good to meet others, that’s why we go to these things.

Fuzzy faces make my fuzzy face smile.