May 17, 2011


So yesterday, after writing my little blog entry during my lunch hour, I went to return to work and realized that I had left my lights on, with the car off, for the 45 minutes or so I had been doing the internet thing in the car. Since the Acura is over six years old and still has it’s original battery, this flattened any available charge I needed to start my car. This suspicion was confirmed when the starter responded with a whimsical clickity-clack sound and the lights on the dash blinked a little dance to the sounds coming from the starter. I have done this sort of thing once before and luckily I had a set of jumper cables in the back.

During lunch I had noticed that trucks had parked on either side of the Acura. On my left was an older gentleman who parked his truck and promptly hopped out and went to the nearby McDonalds. I hadn’t seen anyone get out of the truck on the right, but I was pretty intent on what was going on on my iPad so I may have just missed his departure. This proved to be incorrect, however, because when I hopped out of the Acura to find someone to jump the car, I saw a man sitting in this truck. I walked up to him, in the pouring rain, knocked on the window and asked if he could help out with the jumper cables. He answered with a hearty “yes” and seemed quite nice. He called me boss like guys in trucks seem to do lately. He looked to be a little older than me and while he was very nice and I was quite appreciate, he seemed like your average joe on the street; the type that drives a truck and lives in the more rural areas of Central New York. Personally, I like this type of guy, but that’s my thing.

He moved his Ford over in front of my Acura and we successfully jump started the Acura. I thanked him for his help, shook his hand and he responded, “anytime, Boss.” I closed the hood, put the jumper cables away and then got back in the car. As I was getting ready to head back to work, I had to wait for another truck to around, and as I was doing so, I noticed another truck had already parked next to the guy that had helped out and there was a man walking over to him. The man was about my age, had a biker look to him with a military high and tight and looked friendly enough. Probably another one that was called ‘Boss’.

The man walked over to the guy that had just helped me out, who was getting out of the truck again and the two of them embraced. Apparently they were meeting for lunch.

The hug was then supersede by a quick kiss on the lips. I must admit that I didn’t expect that at all and I’m usually really good at sensing that sort of thing.

I smiled to myself as I drove away.