One of the things I have always wondered is if Captain Marvel and/or Isis ever rolled their eyes. I mean, here they have to withstanding changing their clothes courtesy of an explosion of some sort, only to rescue some teenager from falling down a well or driving over a cliff. There’s was even that dumb guy that tried to eat the honey off of a tree. I mean, did Isis secretly want to smack the idiot that purposely disconnected the brakes on the school bus as a practical joke? And why was Rick Mason driving the school bus from the passenger seat anyway?

But I digress.

The reason I wonder these things is because the news media is going into chicken little mode again with the Dreaded Snow Storm. The weather services, depending on which one you ask, are predicting that we will get either 16 inches or a tenth of an inch of snow sometime between yesterday and tomorrow. The high temperatures could be anywhere below or above freezing. Fembot #3 on the news (no relation to the fake Callahan) speculated that schools might be closed tomorrow due to the weather and that this posed a problem because there are no snow days left. Would anyone believe the announcements that schools are closed on April Fools’ Day? I know I wouldn’t. I fell for that “we’ve converted to metric time” on KG104 back in 1992 and I’m wiser nearly 20 years later. KG104 had commercials advertising VCR reprogramming and everything. Metric time. It was the future, yesterday.

Because of this false sense of hype on the news, the conversation about the office is that about the Dreaded Snow Storm with speculation as to how an ATV will fair on the roads when they’re dry on the way into work but impassable to other than ATVs for the evening commute, because after all, we are getting either a tenth of an inch or 16 inches of snow. After talking out loud yesterday and saying things that I should have said in my inner voice, I have wisely decided to just keep my mouth shut altogether and not even roll my eyes.

If Isis can keep her mouth shut when the kid wandered onto the munitions dump (or was it a dam that was being checked for water pressure?), I can certainly keep my mouth shut about a little bit of snow.