May 3, 2011


I’ve been doing a lot more reading than writing lately. I have always loved to read and I clearly don’t have enough time during my work week to enjoy it as much as I’d like.

I have found at I am growing tired of reading books about technology; this is where the Internet shines, because if I want to read anything about technology I am able to do a quick Google search and start reading away. I like that. Reading about Linux or whatever in a book though? That’s not my thing anymore.

I am reading a couple of books at the moment, one of them being my favorite science fiction book of all time, “The Demu Trilogy” by FM Busby. The characters feel familiar because I have read this book over two dozen times since my mid-teens, but I still find nuances and the like with each new visit of the book. I also recently finished a never published story from the Tom Swift series I read as a kid; this particular series in question was about Tom Swift’s adventures in space. I used to get quite excited when I would see a new book in the series on the shelf at the B. Dalton book store. I stumbled across a couple of PDFs that contained unpublished stories a few months ago and I have been enjoying them. The characters feels familiar in these new stories, it’s a nice blend of old and new. It’s kind of like stumbling across an episode of an old sitcom that you’d never seen before.

There are a couple of other books that I’m interested in pursuing this summer. I have found that audiobooks do nothing for me; I have to lose myself in the printed word. It’s a good feeling.