Snap. Crackle. Pop.

So I am back from my very first chiropractor appointment. As I continue my quest for a healthy existence without artificial means, chiropractic care seemed like the next natural step along this path. Coupled with my meditation practice, exercise and my upcoming acupuncture appointment, I think I’ll feel 18 again come my 41st birthday.

The appointment went very well. I have had a tension headache for the past 36 hours or so. After an explanation as to what to expect and then my sharing as to where I was feeling out of whack, the chiropractor did a quick neck and back adjustment on me.

Headache gone.

My neck snap, cracked and popped like it has never done before. The doctor said “wow” in a deep voice on several occasions. “You have some really tense muscles in your back”, he said as he worked his way up and down my spine. “You should consider a deep tissue massage.”

w00t! I love those!

After throwing my head around and making a lot of noise with my neck, he adjusted my back a bit, making it crack where it has never cracked before. We then talked about what he felt was going on with my back and neck and he recommended a couple of visits in a couple of weeks. Now, several people have warned me about having to sign a contract to commit to a dozen or so chiropractic visits and then I would be going for the rest of my life after that. Here’s the thing. I was not pressured to sign anything, he gave me valid reasons as to why I should come back to his office for two visits in two weeks and then he talked about keeping my body tuned up afterwards. Our discussion was logical and made sense. I’ve done my reading. I feel very comfortable with this approach. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

And right now I feel absolutely amazing!