April 30, 2009


I’m already in a weekend mood, so I think it’s time for a club bunny dance track.

This song originally hit the clubs in 1990 and tried to crack the American Top 40 in 1993 (when I was a baby radio DJ). It’s definitely a club track and anyone with an ear for dance music of the era can probably tell who the track was originally written for1.

I had a a clear 12-inch single of this track that I spun the hell out both in Jamestown and in Utica, as well as other gigs I was doing at the time. In fact, I still play it in my early set when I’m out and about doing the DJ thing.

Here’s Lonnie Gordon with “Happenin’ All Over Again”.

1 This track was originally written for Donna Summer and her the follow-up album to “Another Place and Time”. Donna is superstitious of recording tracks that talk about a love ending, so she passed on it. It’s produced by Stock, Aiken and Waterman who produced Donna’s aforementioned album, as well as Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue, Boy Krazy, Dead or Alive and many other tracks of the era.


I must be getting old. There are many moments that I long for the simpler times of days gone by1. To reminisce, I offer this little giggle.

1 Yes, I know that I would not enjoy the same freedoms as a gay man then as I do today, no need to remind me. I still long for the ‘good ol’ days’.