April 17, 2009

Get Up, Stand Up

I thought I’d share one of my favourite tracks to kick off the weekend. 

Here’s the Stellar Project with “Get Up, Stand Up” from 2005. This track sounds best with the windows down and the sunroof open.

stay with me forever
call my name and I’ll be there
follow me wherever i will fly


So it’s Friday and there is much rejoicing across the land. It is a nearly picture perfect day here in Central New York, it’s sunny, breezy and 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Naturally I am sitting indoors at a cubicle doing my best to be friendly on the phone helping customers with their technically related issues.

Technically I don’t offer much more than technical support. I thought it would be fun to write that sentence. I don’t know why.

I don’t have a lot on my plate for the weekend that lies ahead; Earl is out of town with his family and I am on call. I might make it to a birthday party for my nephew if the on call gods cooperate, but I won’t be able to determine that until the very last minute.

Looking over my blog I realised that I haven’t many entries this week. I think part of this can be due to my participation on Twitter and the like; when I am constantly updating tweets and such it seems redundant to type a longer entry here. Part of me wants to fight against this trend and sit back, think and ponder about my words and then write something that has some meaning and is longer than 140 characters. Twitter was fun, and still is for the most part, but now that it’s becoming as popular as AOL was in it’s day I’m starting to lose interest in the service.

And don’t even get me started on Facebook.  Love the concept, hate the new interface. It’s just the way it is.

I have been writing in this blog since August 2001. It is my intent to continue to do so, regardless of how many services try to sway me to their sexy alternatives.