As I sit in the midst of an on-call weekend, I find myself looking up old songs I used to play as a DJ.

From 1994, here’s Lulu with “Independence”. Yes, it’s the same Lulu from the 60s with “To Sir With Love”. A couple notes about this song: on an episode of Absolutely Fabulous Edina refers to this song whilst talking to Lulu, who is the only client of her PR firm. Eddy sings the little “independence” back up vocal while she’s trying to schmooz Lulu. I also really like this track because of the real sounding instrumentation, it’s actually melodic and sounds like it could be played live with real instruments. The piano instrumentation is beautiful. I also like the lack of over-processing on the vocals.

And I’m certainly enthralled with the half-naked men rolling around in cages.