January 19, 2009


So I’m home this afternoon, burning a little comp time from the last round of on call when I find myself in a little bit of a funk. Recovering from a spectacular weekend has it’s disadvantages, one being that it’s not good to leave half of your luggage at the house of your friend in Connecticut.

But I digress.

Some snow fell during the weekend and the driveway was in serious need of cleaning out. That in itself is to be expected in these parts; we are known for our substantial snowfall this time of year and it’s not uncommon to have to clean out the driveway four or five (or even ten!) times per week. So I got the snowblower out and did the deed of walking back and forth.

Still in a little bit of a funk because my weekend is now officially over and half of my luggage is still in Connecticut, I decided to get silly and do something I had never done before to lift my spirits.

I put on shoes with very little tread left, saddled up the snowblower and cranked it up to high gear. This in turn dragged me along like I was being pulled by a team of sled dogs at a very rapid rate. Having a rather long driveway that has a coating of ice under the latest snow fall makes the mechanical dog-sled ride that much more fun. The neighbor (the one who hasn’t changed his address to his new home in five years) was shoveling and did a double take to see what the hell I was up to; I took the opportunity to wave back at him like I was being pulled across a lake by a speed boat and waving at the competition judges. I wasn’t wearing a bathing cap.

All in all the mechanical dog sled ride on the shoes with no treads improved my mood greatly. I feel I can face the week now.


My mother just returned from visiting my sister, brother-in-law and nephew in Helsinki, Finland. The first thing she had to tell me was that in Helsinki they have Carrols.


While kids today eat McDonalds food with their Happy Meal et al as a treat, back in my day we went to Carrols, a New York State based fast food chain that converted all of their locations to Burger King in the late 1970s. I vividly remember Carrols, with their orange and white light globes over the counter and the generous use of the orange and white colour scheme.


I’m very glad to see that Carrols is still alive and well. Now we have yet another reason to go to Helsinki.

Here’s some information in case you want to geek out with me. Here is a personal lost blog entry from 2001.