January 26, 2009


It is my first bachelor night of 2009, Earl is in New Jersey for business meetings. For some reason the meetings scheduled for today and tomorrow are near Newark, but he is spending the night in Atlantic City.

Maybe he’ll win big.

Per tradition I had a healthy supper of popcorn, German potato salad and Peppermint Joe Joe cookies. The flavours competed with one another but mingled well once in my stomach. A bizarre combination, I know.

It seems that I have been on the phone a lot tonight: Earl has called a couple of times, I checked in with my mother and my father, I have chatted online with loved ones in various places. My iPhone has rang a few times. The only one I didn’t speak with was my sister and that’s because she lives in Helsinki, there is that whole time zone thing that throws the plan off a bit.

I like saying the word Helsinki. It doesn’t sound quite as amusing or pleasing to me as Mishawaka, Indiana, but it’s in the same ballpark. Just on a different continent.

The schedule dictates that I should have fallen asleep 45 minutes ago. My body screams that it’s time to get up and be adventurous, well, as adventurous as you can be in Upstate New York when it’s five degree fahrenheit outside.

I’m ready for spring.