January 1, 2009


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Earl and I have spent most of the day busying ourselves about the house and enjoying a low-key New Year’s Day. Chores are done, things are in place to make the second day of 2009 just as enjoyable as the first, even though that includes a regular day of work for me. It’s a good thing I enjoy my job.

One activity that has consumed a bit of my day is playing around with Facebook. It’s more addictive than watching “I Love Lucy” or “Absolutely Fabulous” clips on YouTube! As I type various names of people from my past and present into the search function thingee there, I discover more people from my past and end up trying to make a friend link with them. How many friends will I have come morning? Only time will tell.

I could never get into MySpace because I always felt that I had descended into the two-digit IQ land of adult Fisher Price with that site, but Facebook, whilst basically the same concept, has a more refined feel to it.

Now, you can’t see what I just did, but I just stopped typing a blog entry for just a moment, did a search of another name on Facebook and found this person’s profile. It’s like waving at Tucson right from my keyboard!

I’m going to have to go to bed sooner or later. Right now, the search continues.

Resolution Revolution 2009.

DJing in relative darkness.

So today is the first day of 2009. I feel I started the New Year off on the right foot; whilst working at the bar last night I drank only water. It was amateur night as far as the crowd was concerned, the lightweights were drunk at midnight and the bar cleared down to about a quarter of the crowd by 12:30. The crowd was by no means impressive by way of size but they were nonetheless festive. The gig went well. I received several compliments on my music selection last night. I was also approached by a DJ based in the Poconos who invited me to spin down there some time. I am pleased.

With the ushering of the New Year everyone has resolutions and promises and goals and all that sort of thing and I suppose I am no different when it comes to this. There are a couple of things in the way of self-improvement that I am focusing on this year and hopefully the results will be evident in various aspects of my life. Some will be discussed on this blog and some will not. I’ll probably discuss more things than I have lately, because one of my goals is to get back into the habit of blogging on a regular basis again. I need the creative outlet.

I have done surprisingly well in maintaining a healthier lifestyle over this past holiday season. I jumped on the scale and noticed that my BMI has decreased a little bit and that my weight has dropped a couple of pounds. This is a good thing. One of my goals this year is to do more photography work, both behind and in front of the camera. Feeling more confident in this body will help me on both sides of the lens.

My faith in western medicine continues to decline as I get older. I remember talking with a psychic (not the one that told me I should be dead by now) about 10 years ago who said that some people are wired for natural remedies and some people are wired for chemical remedies. I fully believe that I am in the former group on that one and I am going to swing my health pendulum back in that direction again. I think that’s the basis of a few things that have been bothering me lately; I’ve been a little cranky the past month or two. I feel like I really have a turned over a new leaf with the ushering in of the New Year.

I started an informal blog of recipes. When I find something interesting that I’m going to endeavour to cook in the kitchen, I’ll post the recipe here.