And So It Begins.

This morning Earl was off to work early. He preceded his usual good-bye morning kiss with a loud, booming announcement, “You don’t look a day over 40!” Since it was 5:30 in the morning I was still very much asleep when he shared his observation.. It was then that I remembered that I’m 40 now. And I’m pretty much over it. Let’s get on with it.

I’m using the occasion as a launchpad for a couple of ideas that I’ve been floating around in my head again. I’m attempting to be a vegetarian again. This is my third attempt at being a vegetarian; I’m hoping that the third time is a charm. Becoming vegetarian is an attempt to better my eating habits though we all know that a vegetarian can easily eat unhealthy by doing things such as eating an entire bag of Doritos and a pound of potato salad for supper.

Not that I’ve done that before or anything.

I’m thinking of trying a recipe for a barbecue salad. It was basically a tossed salad that you barbecued, hence the name. I saw it on the Food Network years ago and I jotted it down somewhere. I just need to locate my notes or Google it again.

We spent yesterday at a family reunion of sorts, my cousin’s daughter graduated from high school and it was her graduation party. It was very enjoyable; we hung out with all of my city cousins and the rest of the family. Even though it was raining like crazy for much of the afternoon we still made the best of it under the tents my uncle had put up earlier in the morning.

So now I’m doing to work thing with a good attitude. Life is good. Regardless of the number attached to the year.