Random Thoughts.

A few random thoughts from our first night of Pride weekend here in Toronto:

1. Walking hand in hand with Earl up and down Church Street puts my head in the clouds
2. Drag queens riding bicycles in full regalia is kind of cool
3. People being themselves without inhibition is wicked cool
4. I really hope that the roaming charges for text messages is not outrageous as I have been going crazy with messaging various boys
5. Standing in line to get into a bar and then standing in line once inside the bar to get to the second floor doesn’t really do a lot for me. I did both but once I was in line for an hour to get to the second floor of the Eagle I felt like I was missing too much. Mingling amongst the crowds on the street is just as enjoyable
6. The number of businesses flying rainbow colours here in Toronto is astounding
7. “Well I certainly can’t find that at K-mart”
8. I love Canada and her people
9. I live in the wrong city to be an effective club DJ as I have seen literally thousands of people dancing to the exact same tracks that makes the bunnies at home go “WTF is this?”
10. I’m ready for another day of the festivities


  1. Warning: You get charged an arm and a leg if you use text/e-mail and roaming here from your iPhone…my bill after my test run in Montreal (ie, I used it with abandon) resulted in a $400.00 bill (almost 3xs it’s normal amount). I made the exceptions for you, of course, but seriously: be prepared to gasp if you’re going crazy with it.

  2. Glad you guys are enjoying it. I do understand what you mean about the lines there in the bars at this time of the year. I ended up just mingling in the crowd on the streets too as I felt I was wasting time standing in line. Y’all have a great rest of the weekend and Happy Pride!

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